Photo Journal: BMW Ultimate Driving Experience

What's better than autocrossing? Autocrossing someone else's car, especially a new BMW G30 5 Series.

The Ultimate Driving Machine. Indeed.

Travel Report: Spring Visit to Disneyland

Visited the most magical and happiest place on Earth - Disneyland!

Weekly Watch Spot: May 7th to May 13th 2017

Every year on May 10th, I ask my son what watch he wants me to wear for his birthday.  This year he picked the "big watch with the plane on the caseback".  Good choice my son, good choice.  Happy 7th Birthday!

Autodromo Group B with the Porsche 917 Gulf

Photo Journal: Luftgekühlt 4

Here's my photo journal of Luftgekühlt 4, the annual Porsche pilgrimage event.

The Church of Porsche: Luftgekühlt

The Iconic Porsche 917 Gulf

Porsche's for miles and miles...

Man's best friend enjoying Luftgekühlt and in awe of the Porsche cars.