Watches & Thoughts: Tudor Pelagos 25500TN 2-Liner, The Ultimate Modern Toolwatch

Today I'm sharing some thoughts on the original, first generation Tudor Pelagos 25500TN 2-Liner from probably the worst place to perform a watch review but most appropriate one for this specific watch - Big Bear Mountain.

This is the first generation Pelagos, with the ETA 2824 movement and two lines of text on the dial.  Design-wise, I prefer this over the more recent generation with the essay written on the dial.  It has a fully brushed titanium case with pointed crown guards.  It doesn't have a single polished surface, indicative of its toolwatch nature.

One initial concern that I had was the titanium case and how scratch resistant it is.  Generally speaking, while titanium is a stronger metal than stainless steel, it is softer and can be more easily scratched.  I'm happy to say that after a full year of ownership, it's just as scratch resistant, if not more, than stainless steel.

Beautiful, bright and blue lume!

The matte black ceramic bezel is easily my favorite part of this watch.  The markers on the bezel also lumes at night time.

Tudor Pelagos on the wrist.

On the wrist, the Pelagos is pretty light due to its case material but still has a good, substantial feel to it that you know it’s a quality watch.

Some of you are probably thinking - this guy is crazy for taking such a watch snowboarding.

If you take away the brand, take away the price, by definition, these watches are functional tools that tell time.  And the Tudor Pelagos is the ultimate embodiment of that.  Yeah it's expensive but at the end of the day, it's a toolwatch and wearing it while snowboarding, doing whatever, it'll be just fine.