Watches & Thoughts: Tudor Black Bay 79230B with In-House Movement

Here's an unboxing and a few thoughts on the Tudor Black Bay 79230B with in-house movement.

The new Tudor Black Bay features about 70 hours of power reserve, represents a substantial value proposition.  Unlike most other brands and watches, going in-house for Tudor did not mean an 50% price increase.  In fact, the price increase is less than 10% and essentially nominal.

So far, the only downside is a slight increase in thickness, which seems to be the biggest knock on it thus far.  With the old one at about 12.7mm and the new ones at 14.7mm, an increase of 2mm, is significant.

Nonetheless, there's still plenty to like - from the heritage design to the updated rivet bracelet.  Most of all, its relatively affordable, in the world of luxury watches.