BMW M4 Competition 666 Wheels in Satin Black

Quick backstory - when I ordered my M4 back in late 2016, the factory option black 666 wheels were not available yet.  I've always loved the Competition 666 wheels, but always thought that they would look better in black.  

Well, now I know that they do look better in black, satin black, to be specific.

If you're in the LA area, the work was done by Kings Powdercoating.  I highly recommend them.  The results are perfect and the service is excellent.  Ask for Jay.


Car Journal: M Track Day

BMW offers its owners and fans a chance to drive its fleet of M cars on the track, in autocross, down a drag stripe during their M Track Day event.  The instructor led hot laps around the Thermal Club track in an M4 was especially impressive.  Driving the M4 at speed was an amazing experience and something that has made me enjoy my M4 ownership even more.

The upcoming M4 CS.

Pick your M4...

Those lovely ceramic brakes.

Pit Stop

High five!



Cars and Coffee: Malibu at Trancas Country Market June 2017

From the McLaren P1 GTR to a Ferrari 250 GT, this is your Cars and Coffee, Malibu style.

McLaren P1 GTR

Porsche 918 Spyder

Ferrari 250 GT

Details matter.