BMW M4 Competition 666 Wheels in Satin Black

Quick backstory - when I ordered my M4 back in late 2016, the factory option black 666 wheels were not available yet.  I've always loved the Competition 666 wheels, but always thought that they would look better in black.  

Well, now I know that they do look better in black, satin black, to be specific.

If you're in the LA area, the work was done by Kings Powdercoating.  I highly recommend them.  The results are perfect and the service is excellent.  Ask for Jay.


Car Journal: Bimmerfest 2017

Here are some sights from this year's annual BMW enthusiast gathering - Bimmerfest 2017.

The almighty M1 and some other rare BMW's - ZGT and Z8.

Some hotness...

An epic offroad 2002.


Modify This: BMW M Performance and Lightweight for the BMW M4

I think the BMW M4 is already a very good car from the factory, especially with the Competition Package.  My whole goal for the car is to tastefully modify it, while keeping it as stock as possible, I wanted to add a few mods to make it mine and distinguish it from other M4's.

Looking good at magic hour.

Stringer going under the knife.

I added the BMW M Performance side blades and Lightweight front lip.  It goes well with the M Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler and mirror caps that's already on the car.

Now the question is should I call it day here or add the M Performance rear diffuser?  Hmmm...


Cars & Thoughts: Three Reasons why the BMW M4 Competition is the Perfect Daily Driver

Here are three practical (and sarcastic) reasons why I think the BMW M4 Competition is the perfect daily driver.

1 - Family friendly and kid approved.

2 - Lots of trunk space for that weekend getaway.

3 - And it's just fun to drive!

In all seriousness, the BMW M4 is a great daily driver. A proper, real review will be coming soon.